Monday, October 5, 2015

A Pretty Exciting Week

Hello family!

You might need a play by play of this week, it was pretty exciting.

So Monday was Sister M's last day. She went a little insane. Like really insane, I don't know how to explain it. We also got to pie the Assistants to the President and the Mission Sister Training Leaders in the face because we beat their zone records (Sister B and Elder S had made the records when they were the Sister Training Leaders and the Zone Leaders in that Zone). I don't know if I explained that well or not . . . That night consisted of visiting investigators and members and taking pictures before page left to Brazil.

Tuesday: transfers! I was up late really late packing because the dryer didn't dry my clothes, they still weren't dry when I packed them. We had to get up really early so that Sister M could get to the temple on time (all the departing missionaries get to go to the temple.) Then I had to drive to the mission office to drop some of her stuff off with another sister who's companion went back to temple square. Then I met up with my companion, Sister M2, and had to drive to the mission office again to pick up a sister that was waiting for her trainee and two sisters in our zone who got double transferred in and didn't have a car. However, upon arriving at their apartment, we realized that they lived very far from their area and didn't have a car. However, with five of us we couldn't proselyte, so I ended up going with some Spanish sisters in our zone and slept on their floor and the sister who was training three packed it with other sisters who were training and Sister Ma was with the girls without a car. 

Wednesday: we figured out that the other sisters were just going to have to walk and that they weren't getting a closer apartment. Sister Ma and I were back together for like two seconds when we get a call from another sister in our zone, her trainee wasn't coming to the mission for another 6 weeks and she needed a companion until Friday (she was going to get a mini missionary then). So she hung out with us for the day and part of Thursday

Thursday: We had a meeting with the mission Just Serve coordinator. That meeting turned into feeding the homeless at Salvation Army, which was super cool. 

Friday: We had exchanges with the Mission Sister Training Leaders. I went to their area. And to their district council. Their district leader asked me to give a training . . . I still don't know why. But it was a cool day. We taught a Muslim lady from Syria who is interested. She's like super Muslim though, it's really interesting.

Saturday: General Conference! One of our investigators came! We tried to do a lunch thingy for investigators and people between the sessions but only two people came . . . But they came and stayed for conference! Well, for part of it.

Sunday: General Conference! We had a family come to conference! They have two little kids that sat perfectly through Conference, what a miracle! They loved it though! Then a member fed us brunch (you got a picture of that). That's our zone. 

I felt like I haven't been in my area at all and that I don't know any of our investigators, but that's ok. I'll get there. It still was an awesome week. The people are so open to having us come by, I've never seen people like that my entire mission, ever. It's so cool. However, the people are really flaky, so that's a problem.

Sister Ma is awesome! She's been an STL for like a year now so that should tell you something. 

Love you!
Sister Leete

An email from the mission:

We had a great time having theses missionaries over for brunch between conferences! 
Oct 4, 2015 Las Vegas, NV Mission 

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