Monday, November 9, 2015

Solid Investigators



Well Sister M is going home so I'm staying here and I'm going to train a new STL. Her name is Sister G, she's been out for 6 months, I've never met her but she seems cool. 

Yes, this is my last transfer. Let's not talk about it. 

This Sunday we had a regional broadcast. But, of course, the transmission wasn't good so we only got bits and pieces of it. But the parts I heard were really good. They talked about simplifying, but more in a temporal way, like simplifying your closet. 

WE HAVE SOLID INVESTIGATORS. That’s pretty awesome. We found N this week. Her brother is a less active member. He called us and wanted to meet us on the porch of "the club". We were kind of freaked out. It was the sketchiest part of our area, it was pitch dark and we didn't know the member.  "The club" was "the bungalow club" a twelve step program placey thing. So we were freaked out and sat on the porch with him and he told us he had a referral for us, his sister. She's super cool. Kind of talkative but it's all good. 

B was a complete miracle. She was a former but wasn't ready to get baptized, but we ran into her again and she agreed to have us over before Sister M left. The spirit was so strong, she accepted baptism. We answered some of her questions/doubts about baptisms. 

The missionaries put on a musical fireside on Sunday, it turned out really well. 

Well, love ya!

Hermana Leete

A text received from a ward member on Nov 07th:

 “Look who we had for dinner :-D we love these girls !

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