Monday, November 16, 2015

This is Going to be an Amazing Transfer

This week was awesome. Sister G (my companion) and I are the same person. We are exactly the same. You should've seen the moment when we realized that. We were like, "where have you been my entire mission?" This is going to be an amazing transfer. 

Our zone leaders came up with a great idea to motivate our missionaries to work harder. Every week you have the opportunity to win the iron rod (made by the zone leaders) based upon some formula for key indicators. When you win it you get to sign your name on it. It'll be passed along from week to week until the millennium. I already sent you a picture of us holding it (we might not ever get it again). 

We taught so many lessons this week, it was ridiculous! I don't even know how it happened! We were sooooo blessed! We're finding so many new people, I can't even count them all! And our ward is ever so slowly warming up to the idea of coming out with us! Life is good!

We met M this week. His grandfather just died so we testified of the sealing power and the plan of salvation. That was really cool. 

S keeps on progressing and felt super guilty when we didn't come to church. He's got a drinking problem though so we'll have to help him through that. 

B is super swayed by her anti friends. But when we're around she's all for knowing if these things are true. I totally taught her the same exact thing twice this week about why the Book of Mormon is important. She didn't get it I guess. 

Last night we needed to street contact one more person and we had only about 15 minutes to do so. We were in a nicer part of our area and we had a meeting there in 15 minutes so we couldn't leave. Since it was nicer there wasn't anyone outside. And it was late so no one was answering the door. And there were a ton of members living there so we had to be careful where we tracted. So we have 15 minutes and we're rotating between driving around trying to find someone outside and running around trying to find someone. So we finally see some people, and the elders call us! So we finish talking to them and the people are still outside. Sister G was like, "pray that they aren't members" (that had just happened to us) so I give the shortest prayer ever, "Heavenly Father, please bless that they aren't members." Probably my most apostate prayer ever. Anyway, they weren't members, weren't interested, but we reach our goal for street contacts! God loves us!

Anyway, I get to move on with my p day. Love you!

Hermana Leete
Sister missionaries know how to cook.

It’s not the iron rod, it’s the iron rod! Made of diamond willow.

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  1. Yay Sister Leete! Way to go! Vegas is a better place because of the service you have given!