Monday, December 14, 2015

Last Letter


We had a baptism this week! The unbaptizeable, flakey investigator got baptized! Yay! Go J! It was super stressful though because we didn't see him for like the entire week before his baptism. We could not get a hold of him and then his friend lied to us . . . But it all worked out. 

I know you all want to know what I'm feeling right now. It's very hard to describe so I'll use a bunch of analogies. 

This week I felt like I was wading waist high though mud. It was such a struggle. No matter what I did, I could not get any energy. But after the Christmas Conference I was fine.

I feel a bit like a cupcake that's ready to be taken out of the oven. I'm not sick of missionary work, and I still have the desire to work hard, I just know that I have become what God has wanted me to become on my mission and it's just time to come out and get frosted. 

The Christmas Conference was great! It ended with a talent show. The talents were alright, but our Zone Leaders were the MCs for it and they did awesome! They became Straw and Berry and the used a southern accent the whole time. I cannot express how hilarious it was. We were going to do an act but we ran out of time. I sent you a video of it. 

Well, see you Wednesday!

Con mucho amor,

La Hermana Leete

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